Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nothing new in the NHL feed

Take a look here:


There is nothing new in this year's feed. I would have liked coordinate data for shots (which is already available for free on ESPN) and location data for hits, giveaways, takeaways, blocked shots and the like. This data is already being kept, and there is no good reason not to release it to the general public. It's not as if the NHL feed is giving us any information on whether passes connect, which would constitute a lot more information but would also give us a better sense of what's going on in the game - there are often multi-minute gaps with no events.

At any rate, I don't expect anything new...It's just too bad that the NHL won't give us the information we need to better analyze the game...

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Russian KHL League Equivalency to date

The 2008-09 KHL season is about 14 games in, and we can take our first stab at producing a league equivalency. There are 23 skaters in the KHL who played at least 20 games in the NHL last year. Their cumulative stats:
NHL 2007-08119113122825
KHL 2008-09260547641
That would give a league equivalency of 25/41 ~ 0.60. However, the KHL has much lower scoring and a lower assist-per-goal rate than the NHL, so we need to adjust this figure by the overall PPG scoring rates of the two leagues = 0.41 (NHL) / 0.36 (KHL). This gives a league equivalency of 0.70, which is somewhat lower than Russian leagues have had in the past, albeit with much larger numbers of players and games played in the sample.

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Behindthenet stats are back...

The NHL's 2008-09 season is underway and Behindthenet has advanced statistics...For all two games that have been played thus far!

We will publish the same statistics as last year, with daily updates...

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