Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look up NHL standings for any day, 2003-2008

ESPN has this feature for baseball standings, but apparently not for the NHL. Here's what I put together:

Standings for 12/21/2003

So you can see that the Leafs were inexplicably tied for first place in the East on Dec 21, 2003.

I've broken out Wins and Losses by Regulation, OT and SO.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New stats: components of Quality of Competition

I added some Quality of Competition statistics to the site. You can now see the components of QUALCOMP (that is: opponents' GF/60 and GA/60, both on- and off-ice). Here's On-Ice GF/60:

Opponent's GF/60


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nothing new in the NHL feed

Take a look here:

There is nothing new in this year's feed. I would have liked coordinate data for shots (which is already available for free on ESPN) and location data for hits, giveaways, takeaways, blocked shots and the like. This data is already being kept, and there is no good reason not to release it to the general public. It's not as if the NHL feed is giving us any information on whether passes connect, which would constitute a lot more information but would also give us a better sense of what's going on in the game - there are often multi-minute gaps with no events.

At any rate, I don't expect anything new...It's just too bad that the NHL won't give us the information we need to better analyze the game...

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Behindthenet stats are back...

The NHL's 2008-09 season is underway and Behindthenet has advanced statistics...For all two games that have been played thus far!

We will publish the same statistics as last year, with daily updates...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NHL feed is back in business...

The NHL 2008-09 data feed is up for exhibition games. It doesn't look like the NHL has added any useful information to the feed this year. Let me know if you see otherwise...

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Behindthenet on NY Times Slapshot Blogroll

Now the New York Times is hardly the arbiter of hockey, but they were nice enough to put Behindthenet on their NY Times Slapshot Blogroll. And of course, we're first on the list due to alphabetical billing...

It's actually a pretty strange list - excluding the major sports sites (ESPN,, etc), the local newspapers, local New York team blogs and the US and Canadian national team sites, they have:

Behind the Net
Hockey's Future
James Mirtle's Hockey Blog

An interesting list, to say the least...


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Player Log List now sortable by team

Again, easier on the eyes...Check out:

If there's anything else you think should be on the site, let me know...


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More refinements

Not everybody wants to cut and paste the entire stats database into a spreadsheet just to be able to sort their favorite team's players. So you now have the ability to select only one particular team's stats.

So if you wanted to see if Bryan McCabe is still killing the Leafs, you could do this:

Much easier on the eyes...

The width of the stats database is also becoming a pain, so I split some of the stats into separate pieces, penalties here, e.g.:

Also easier on the eyes...More to come as I find time - I really need to hire a kid to make my web pages so I can concentrate on the data...


Thursday, November 29, 2007

A few more refinements

Some small refinements today, all by popular request:

1) Added Home/Away tags to the player game logs, so you can see the home ice advantage in line-matching.
2) Added Goals Scored, 1st Assists and 2nd Assists per 60 minutes to the 5v5, 4v5 and 5v4 stats pages.
3) Added league translations for the NAHL and Canadian Tier II Junior Leagues to Tier I Junior and the NCAA.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Stats Database for 2007-08: what else should we add to it?

Behindthenet's 2007-08 statistics database is just about completely up-and-running. Here's what we've got:

1. Team Statistics [new for 2007-08]
2. Player Statistics, 5-on-5
3. Game Logs for Players, 5-on-5 [new for 2007-08]
4. Player Statistics, 5-on-4 and 4-on-5
5. Goaltender Statistics, 5-on-5, 5-on-4 and 4-on-5

Most things are sortable, and pretty much everything is updated at 5 AM ET every day. We maintain a database of every NHL player and add new players as soon as they'e played their first NHL game.

It's a lot of data, that's for sure. We'd love to get your comments, questions and concerns about the site - on everything from the stats to what's confusing. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for different topics we could apply statistical analysis to.



Behindthenet big among stats junkies...

Rand Simon thinks so:

"PLAYING AGAINST THE BEST If you are a stats junkie like me, I suggest you check out the website Behind the Net.

My favorite stat there is the "Quality of Competition" which does a great job of showing which players are used against the other teams' top skaters.

According to the website, the player who faced the toughest competition last year was New Jersey's John Madden. So far this season's top three (minimum 10 games played) are Anahein's Samuel Pahlsson, Ottawa's Anton Volchenkov and Florida's Olli Jokinen. At the bottom, facing the weakest competition so far, are enforcers Andrew Peters (Buffalo), Aaron Downey (Montreal) and Eric Goddard (Calgary).

Rand Simon is an NHLPA certified agent. He has spent the past 14 years with Newport Sports Management Inc."

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Monday, April 9, 2007

goalie statistics

I added some basic goalie stats:

They show: shots, missed shots (ie - post/wide) and goals on a per 60 minute basis for 5-on-5 and 5-on-4 situations.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PP Stats this time

More from James Mirtle: (thanks for the link, btw!) (That's really from the Globe and Mail, but the url is too long)

A commenter points out that while Ryder, Koivu, Higgins, Souray and Streit have been good on the PP, they've been absolutely completely horrendous at even strength:

Koivu: +29/-53
Ryder: +25/-47
Higgins: +23/-41
Souray: +32/-56
Streit: +23/-33

Now I know Souray is Don Cherry's favorite player, but he sure looks like a stinker on this line. These guys were mostly minuses in similar roles on a 2005-06 Canadiens team that had a better GF/GA rate. So what's the deal? Do they just not play defense? Are they dominant on the PP (22.4% success rate) just because they're behind all the time?


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