Monday, November 26, 2007

Stats Database for 2007-08: what else should we add to it?

Behindthenet's 2007-08 statistics database is just about completely up-and-running. Here's what we've got:

1. Team Statistics [new for 2007-08]
2. Player Statistics, 5-on-5
3. Game Logs for Players, 5-on-5 [new for 2007-08]
4. Player Statistics, 5-on-4 and 4-on-5
5. Goaltender Statistics, 5-on-5, 5-on-4 and 4-on-5

Most things are sortable, and pretty much everything is updated at 5 AM ET every day. We maintain a database of every NHL player and add new players as soon as they'e played their first NHL game.

It's a lot of data, that's for sure. We'd love to get your comments, questions and concerns about the site - on everything from the stats to what's confusing. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for different topics we could apply statistical analysis to.



First off, I love most everything on the site, so don't discontinue it by any means!

Still, one thing I'm particularly fond of, if it could be incorporated, is to be able to parse or segment the data a bit.

Like on the 5-on-5, if there was some way to put in a date range (who's played the best in November?) or an ability to select just Home or Road games (who plays the toughest home minutes?), I'd at least be curious to see how that splits out.

Other possibilities:
- Segment by period (1st, 2nd, 3rd, OT)
- Segment by score (tied game, up by a goal, down by a goal, etc.)

Those are just my crazy ideas (I don't know how hard they are to execute on what you've got); as I've said, though, I love what you got going already, so don't kill yourself on any of these!
Very good ideas. Date range and home/road should be relatively easy to do (though no promises on getting them done quickly!) But unfortunately, I haven't designed the database to make segment by period and score easy to get at. I'll put some thought into how to do these things and get back to you...
No rush, dude. It's still an awesome toy.

And as for the period/score stuff, that's not really that important. It's really for the advanced questions, though. Who's struggling with the 2nd period long change? How does a team change its strategy when it needs a goal? When it needs to prevent a goal?

But don't sweat it. You've got plenty already here, and I'm already better off for it. Great work.
I too appreciate the work you guys do, as any advancement in the world of hockey stats is much needed at this stage. My biggest "problem" with your stats is that they're heavily affected by goaltending since they take into account "goals for and against" instead of "expected goals for and against based on shot quality (and the corresponding goal probability)."
I'm not a huge believer in shot quality/goal probability as it's presently formulated. The NHL's pay feed (we get the free feed) has both shot distance and shot angle, which gives you a much clearer picture of goal probability.

Anyways, you can't have every stat, but I hope to have some shooting data integrated into the database as soon as possible...
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