Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Puck Prospectus: Analyzing The Sharks' Defense


"One of the downsides of writing about hockey statistics is not necessarily getting to watch all that much hockey. So I decided to watch video of every even-strength goal the San Jose Sharks gave up during the regular season this year."


cool article. did you find the goal videos on nhl.com in an easy-to-access fashion? if so, it'd be cool to have a few other people do this sort of thing for a few other teams. although, it sounds like you felt it wasn't all that worthwhile.

also, that plus-minus-relative-to-teammates stat you have is great, and if i can once again put in a formal suggestion that you add something like that to your site for corsi (just since it seems to be the currently best approximation for scoring chances), that'd be great!
Sunny - your Corsi is on my list!

The videos are relatively easy to access. If you open a team's schedule from its website, there's usually a video link for each game. Most of the time it clips for every goal. Repeatedly viewing the clips seems to make the player crash, but by and large it works.
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