Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Puck Prospectus Article: Shot Quality and the Minnesota Wild

Niklas Backstrom is a mystery to me - is he a great goalie? Or did Minnesota limit his exposure. The Wild's Chris Snow clearly feels that both are true. Depending on your angle, the numbers back up both opinions.

Shot Quality and the Minnesota Wild

I've written about this topic from various angles, here and here.

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thanks for that, Gabe. those two charts are nice visual aids, and they certainly seem significant to me.
also, i wonder if anyone has run a study on specific coaches' effect on even strength save percentage.
that's definitely an interesting idea - see how goalies do with one coach vs another
Nice work.

Admittedly, the evidence for a shot quality effect (independently of the leading-trailing factor) at EV is weak, but the Wild certainly seem to be anamalous.

That chart is downright compelling.
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