Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do Fighters Ever Prosper?

New column on Puck Prospectus:

"I looked at every fight during the 2008-09 season where one player received was voted the winner by at least 50% of fans. Since many people vote that a fight was a draw, this picks out only the fights with a clear winner. I then looked at how many goals the winner's team scored and allowed over the next 10 minutes and over the rest of the game. I compared this goal differential with how an average NHL team did given the same initial score and time on the clock. That is, if a team was down 2-1 at the midway point of the 2nd period and won a fight, I compared their performance to all teams that were down 2-1 midway through the second."

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Saturday, July 11, 2009 Top Ten Fights of 2008-09

As voted by the fans. I still don't know why this list doesn't appear on the front page of, but I will happily provide it periodically as a "public service":

9.2Nov 26, 2008 - Carcillo v DorsettDrawVideo
8.9Oct 14, 2008 - Cote v GodardGodardVideo
8.8Oct 30, 2008 - Boulton v OrrOrrVideo
8.5March 3, 2009 - Downey v JanssenDrawVideo
8.4Jan 10, 2009 - Weller v BollWellerVideo
8.3Mar 19, 2009 - Staubitz v TootooStaubitzVideo
8.3Dec 22, 2008 - Carcillo v StrudwickStrudwickVideo
8.3Nov 22, 2008 - Brashear v ShelleyBrashearVideo
8.1Nov 4, 2008 - Murray v NystromMurrayVideo
8.0Mar 10, 2009 - Brashear v BelakBelakVideo


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top 25 Fights on (2006-2009)

This isn't exactly a statistical post, but I was looking over (purportedly the 7th-most popular hockey site on the internet) and I noticed that there was no way to rank fights based on user rankings. I'm surprised - you'd think the hockey fight "Hall of Fame" would be one of the most viewed pages on the site. Well, here are the top 25 fights of the last three seasons based on user ratings:
Nov 26 2008Daniel CarcilloDerek DorsettDraw9.2Video
Oct 27 2007Riley CoteShawn ThorntonShawn Thornton9.1Video
Jan 15 2008Krys BarchBrad MayDraw9.0Video
Oct 14 2008Riley CoteEric GodardEric Godard8.9Video
Jan 3 2008Darcy TuckerJarkko RuutuJarkko Ruutu8.9Video
Oct 30 2008Eric BoultonColton OrrColton Orr8.8Video
Nov 25 2007Eric GodardD.J. KingD.J. King8.8Video
Dec 7 2006Josh GrattonJim VandermeerJim Vandermeer 8.7Video
Nov 15 2007Colton OrrRiley CoteColton Orr8.4Video
Nov 8 2007Riley CoteArron AshamArron Asham8.4Video
Jan 6 2007Jamal MayersJordin TootooJordin Tootoo8.4Video
Jan 10 2009Craig WellerJared BollCraig Weller8.3Video
Dec 22 2008Daniel CarcilloJason StrudwickJason Strudwick8.3Video
Nov 22 2008Donald BrashearJody ShelleyDonald Brashear 8.3Video
Oct 13 2007Brian McGrattanColton OrrBrian McGrattan8.3Video
Feb 3 2007Travis MoenShea WeberTravis Moen8.3Video
Mar 15 2008Riley CoteShawn ThorntonShawn Thornton8.2Video
Mar 10 2007David KociJosh GrattonDavid Koci8.2Video
Dec 26 2006Shawn ThorntonMark BellShawn Thornton 8.2Video
Nov 4 2008Garth MurrayEric NystromGarth Murray8.1Video
Mar 19 2008Brad MayKrys BarchDraw 8.1Video
Nov 21 2007Brad MayKrys BarchKrys Barch8.1Video
Oct 20 2007Georges LaraqueDonald BrashearGeorges Laraque8.1Video
Feb 27 2007Todd FedorukChris SimonChris Simon8.1Video
Dec 12 2007Mike FisherScott WalkerMike Fisher8.0Video

Note that in many cases, the videos have been removed by Youtube (perhaps due to excessive traffic generated by


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